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Selling the Glo2Facial Difference


Soon after the Hollyday Med Spa in Kansas City, MO, received their first device, the aestheticians started to fight over it. “We knew right away that we had to get more machines,” said Kasha Campbell, practice manager. “When the Lumenis rep first introduced Geneo to us and let us use it for a few days before making a commitment, we fell in love with it.” Less than two years later, this popular med spa has five Geneo devices, one for each facial treatment room. And they’re often all in operation from open to close!

The Glo2Facial Difference

80% to 90% of their clients prefer Glo2Facial over competing facial devices, Kasha noted. Glo2Facial exfoliates, infuses nutrient-rich active ingredients, and oxygenates the skin. Working with the natural processes of the body to increase collagen production, it helps to create tighter, smoother, clearer, more hydrated and nourished skin, and provides long-term rejuvenating benefits. The spa’s other skincare platform, which uses vacuuming and suction to clean the skin, is “bulky and loud, and doesn’t offer as smooth a treatment as Glo2Facial,” Kasha added. “Our clients still feel like they’re getting a luxe, pampering facial even though we’re using a machine.”

“Glo2Facial provides exfoliation that’s comparable to traditional microdermabrasion, which clients didn’t feel they were getting with our other facial device. And the nutrient-rich, active ingredients it infuses into the skin are incredible,” Kasha added.

Glo2Facial: Special Events or Package Deal?

Hollyday Med Spa is doing Glo2Facials on women of all ages. The starting price is $150, but when dermaplaning, brow tinting or another service is added, the average spend is about $200, Kasha said.  Glo2Facial is popular among Hollyday clients for weddings, proms, homecomings, galas, fundraisers and other special events.  If a newly engaged woman wants to completely transform her skin before her wedding, a Glo2Facial will be the “icing on the cake” after she has other treatments for severe pigmentation and texture issues. “We’ll do a series of six bi-weekly Glo2Facials for engaged women who want a difference in their skin but aren’t ready for lasers. Otherwise, we’ll typically do treatments every four to eight weeks,” Kasha said.

Word-Of-Mouth Advertising and Social Media Are Glo2Facial’s Best Friend

Besides word-of-mouth recommendations, social media is a huge marketing influence for the spa. “It’s just the way people do research now,” she added. “One of our employees will have a Glo2Facial with another aesthetician and she’ll post a selfie on Instagram or Facebook right after it so her fans can see how fresh faced and amazing her skin looks. We’ll notice an immediate influx of inquiries.  People will ask ‘What are you doing?  What are you using?’”

Glo2Facial: A Natural Transition To Higher-Priced Treatments

“While plastic surgeons make their money doing mommy makeovers, breast augmentations and tummy tucks, we only specialize in aesthetic medicine. We do it all day, every day. We’ve perfected techniques such as how to hold a handpiece, and the pattern and the speed to use,” Kasha emphasized.

Considering Hollyday’s successful experience, Kasha recommends that a basic aesthetics spa use Glo2Facial to ease its way into the medical side without it being overwhelming to the owner or to customers. “It’s an affordable device compared to lasers, and the cost of product to us is about $19 per treatment, compared to the disposable costs associated with one of the body contouring machines,” Kasha explained. “Glo2Facial also is user friendly and gives you wonderful results without incurring extreme overhead…Once you pay off the Geneo machine you’re able to afford a $150K laser without taking on investors.”

Hollyday Med Spa + Aesthetics

Hollyday Med Spa is a top tier medical and aesthetics spa helping clients bring their inner beauty outward. It is located in a niche neighborhood in Kansas City, MO that “feels like a small town but is still centrally located and minutes away from the Kansas/Missouri state line”. Drawing from many different areas of the city, its clients range from young working families to condo owners and affluent residents in Mission Hills, KS.

For more information on Hollyday Med Spa + Aesthetics visit  www.hollydayspa.com. or go to our Glo2Facial Practice Finder Map