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A wide variety of treatments are available for exfoliating and infusing ingredients into the skin. The patented, medical-grade, non-invasive process provided by Glo2Facial is the only skincare platform that provides a unique treatment utilizing the body’s own natural mechanism to work from within.

A reaction occurs between the Glo2Facial customization pod and the Primer Gel creating a bubbly, CO2 rich environment on the skin’s surface. The reaction causes a layer of CO2 microbubbles that penetrate into the epidermis. The increased levels of CO2 on the skin trigger a natural mechanism in the body called the Bohr Effect. This drives oxygen-rich blood to the skin surface and increases the levels of oxygen in the treated area. Glo2Facial’s special texture simultaneously delivers a gentle exfoliation of the skin. The combination of exfoliation and oxygenation from within creates optimal conditions for nutrients to be absorbed into the skin.

The Study

The effectiveness of Glo2Facial was clinically validated by Dr. Alex Levenberg who evaluated the amount of blood circulation and CO2 and oxygen levels on the skin. Among a test group of patients, measurements were taken prior to treatment, immediately following treatment, and 15 minutes after treatment. Patients showed improvement in various skin attributes such as smoothness, pore appearance, brightness, and reduction of fine lines. 3D Primos imaging showed a reduction in wrinkle depth of 112 microns. Visio Meter microscopic imaging highlighted the results of smoother, less scaly skin, while the Delfin Skin Gloss Meter showed an improvement in 67% of the patients.

The Results: Increased Oxygen Levels In The Skin

Both blood flow and oxygen levels increased during the treatment. The increase in blood flow and oxygen levels in the treated area helps prepare the skin to more readily absorb nutrients and enhances collagen production. The results: CO2 levels return to normal, but the levels of oxygen remain heightened, as does blood flow to the treatment area during the treatment period. This helps to increase the absorption of nutrients.

The Results: Reduction In Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Primos 3D Imaging showed a reduction in the depth of fine lines of up to 112 microns, an overall improvement in skin texture, and significant reduction of periorbital fine lines of up to 71%. A Delfin Skin Glossiness evaluation showed an improvement in 67% of the patients, primarily the cheek area.

Patient Feedback—Amazing

All patients noted an improvement in immediate results including skin smoothness and overall improvement of skin texture. 67% of patients noted a reduction in pore size. 58% noted an improvement in skin pigmentation and a huge 87% noted a reduction in fine lines. But as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words so check out the results below!

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