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Uniting Modern Technology With Traditional Skincare

JTAV Clinical skincare is a high-end luxury skincare spa located in midtown Manhattan. Joie Tavernise, Owner of JTAV Clinical Skincare built her practice around the philosophy that no two faces are exactly alike; therefore, no two treatments are exactly alike.

This basic principle has guided her to create a signature experience for every client—one that unites modern technologies with traditional approaches and incorporates a whole body/whole life perspective. A customized, sometimes “less-is-more” approach begins with an intimate analysis of skin composition, lifestyle and treatment goals. This leads to a treatment plan that centers on both leading-edge non-invasive procedures and time-honored techniques.

Long-Term Relationship Building

Joie Tavernise expressed, “Our clientele is very savvy. They know the latest and the greatest. We are in midtown-Manhattan so there are a lot of great options for them to have treatments. They love the idea that we have the skill, we explain to them, we educate them to take care of their skin from an early age. If the client has just started taking care of their skin with a routine or regimen, we educate them on the treatment that we’re offering. Follow up with them and give them the advice they need to take them through the steps long-term. The idea is to commit and have that relationship that we can build with them.”

With One Glo2Facial, Your Skin Can Be Beautiful

Joie notes that with Glo2Facial, “You want to explain to the client that with one treatment your skin can be beautiful. And have glowing skin. You can feel rejuvenated. The idea is that you’re creating that relationship long-term so they do return. The idea of exfoliating without damaging the top layer of the skin is something that we can do with Glo2Facial and with exfoliating the top layer of the skin, you’re going to see a smoother brighter complexion. The pores look softer, the hyperpigmentation looks less visible, the skin feels firmer.”

The reliability and instant results of Glo2Facial help drive confidence in the sale. Joie shared that “Glo2Facial makes the skin feel is amazing. I love that and I feel like when clients come to JTAV Clinical Skincare, they are coming because they want to look and feel your best. I feel like the Glo2Facial ingredients are amazing, the product itself is tried and true. I can speak with clients about the treatment and they can see the results. It gives me the confidence to give them the skin that they’re looking for when they’re coming through my door.”.

Glo2Facial: A Workout For the Skin

Glo2Facial’s unique technology story, and beauty from within positioning drives instant success with clients. Joie says,  “Glo2Facial allows us to create that oxygen, that stimulation, almost like a workout for the skin. When they [clients] hear that, who doesn’t want that. They’re like sign me up. Just that alone, the idea that we can create oxygen for a healthy glow is easy for me to sell. Your clients can have this treatment and can leave and feel rejuvenated, re-energized and their skin is actually speaking that whether they’re outdoors or virtual. It’s a nice addition and it’s nice to have it available within the office. It can be used for all ages, all skin types, and it’s really a great start for anyone.”

We Love Selling Glo2Facial As A Package

Joie also shared with us how she sells Glo2Facial. “We love the idea of a package. We know that once you have that initial Glo2Facial you’re going to see the results, so we do suggest a package for most of our treatments. The idea is that it is easy to customize for a non-invasive treatment so our prices may be a little higher than some other places considering we are in midtown Manhattan.” Joie creates the ultimate experience, and ensures to focus beyond just the face, “We have a luxury heated bed and fancy sheets and we try to make it feel like a beautiful spa experience. So that being said, we charge $400 with the combo. The combo involves the face, neck, decollete, and extractions. We always want to clean the pores if that is necessary and try to give a full non-invasive treatment with our different modalities. But we use Glo2Facial as the start of the treatment. We usually take an hour. We want to make it a luxurious treatment so clients can see the results.”

The Artistry Of Customizing Skincare With Glo2Facial

Joie enthused about Glo2Facial, “I personally like anything that I can customize because when I’m in the room I am almost like an artist. I can mix and match, everyone’s skin is so different and maybe I might do something on the face with Glo2Facial and I might change the product on the neck and decollete so it gives me the ability to customize. That’s my favorite thing.”

Joie noted that the idea is that you can customize with Glo2Facial. She can change the product out depending on what’s going on with the client’s skin. If there’s more acne she uses the charcoal, if the client’s skin is dry she may use Revive. If the skin has a little bit of sun damage, she can use Illuminate. “It gives us the option to choose what facial we want to use and immediately give that glow with each of the choices that we’re making. And the ultrasound helps penetrate the product to give that beautiful glow.”

All Natural Ingredients Reduce The Signs of Aging and Fight Acne

“As a skin specialist, I personally love anything that has natural anti-oxidants. I know we’re going to reduce fine lines and reduce wrinkles. We’re going to firm the skin naturally with the natural ingredients. The clients love that you are detoxifying the skin naturally.” Joie leverages the ingredients story as yet another benefit of Glo2Facial.

“In terms of having the natural rich anti-oxidants that are penetrating the skin…it’s such a great anti-aging idea. The natural ingredients are nourishing the skin, are penetrating to minimize the fine lines. I feel like you immediately see the results and so I feel great using it with the custom treatments that we offer.”

Joie also spoke about fighting acne with the natural ingredients and charcoal found in the Glo2Facial Balance customization. “I see younger skin that is battling with acne. We have a lot of young clients who have tried prescriptions and tried topicals and their skin is reacting. I’ve never had a reaction with using Glo2Facial. They actually stop using the prescription and start using the Glo2Facial series [of treatments] and really see an improvement in their skin overall.”

JTAV Clinical Skincare

Joie’s passion for skincare started when she was a teenager struggling with acne and breakouts and didn’t have the right treatments or products. She began to work on special products and ingredients herself. She started her practice in 2008 and grew her business by choosing the best treatments for her clients. Joie and her team of experts provide advanced aesthetic treatments to clients in the luxurious surroundings of her midtown Manhattan spa.

For more information go to www.jtavclinicalskincare.com or go to our Glo2Facial Practice Finder Map